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At AICORE SOLUTION, we take care of performance, effectiveness of your organisations as our objectives in visioning and building solutions basing on innovative and revolutionary technologies


So how does the

product work?

Insights from any where, at any time

Our AI products can detects, analyses, and tracking to realize your customers insights from any where, at any time

Use from any where, at any time

Our AI solutions are deployed on both cloud services, or on-premise (your organisation’s data center), or hy-brid, so that not only administrations, but the operations are very easily for entire your organisation. Your organisation is always in your hand any where, at any time.

Flexible saving cost

Our prices are flexible for our customers. You can take Pay-As-You-Go model of cost or, one time payment.

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Something about product

The mission of AICORE SOLUTION is to provide the best solutions to customers

At AICORE SOLUTION we take the point of view of customers to build the best software solution with the savest cost.

At AICORE SOLUTION, we provide the best AI solutions for all enterprises

We are open to being a great partner with everyone to get success together in software development

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