AICORE SOLUTION is developing and outsourcing company in software industry. Founded in 2019, by team with many years experienced in consultation, development and deployment of software solutions, software systems for enterprises in both domestic and international markets, we believe in giving the best solutions to our customers, and becoming the best software solution provider.


Our mission is powering your organization by providing the most innovative and effective solutions basing on revolution of Information Technology.


  • A trusted partner,
  • A best consultant
  • A professional organization,


  • Customer Oriented: With the highest responsibility in mind, we take the satisfaction of customers in the first place.
  • Quality Oriented:Quality of products and perfection of solutions are objectives in every task that we service customers.
  • Experienced and Skilled: With many years experienced in software development, we always ready to challenge us for bringing the best solutions to customers.

TECHNOLOGIES: we have many years working with following technologies.

  • Microsoft technologies, such as .NET Core, VB.NET, C#, MS SQL, or frameworks basing .NET technologies like DotNetNuke
  • PHP Technologies, such as CakePHP, WordPress frameworks
    Java Technologies, such as JavaCore, J2EE, Strust framework, Spring and SpringBoot Framework
  • Front-End technologies, such as AngularJS, NodeJS, React
  • Together with RDBMS like Oracle, Postgree, My SQL, or NoSQL DB such as MogoDB, Firebase.
  • Mobile technologies, such as Android and iOS Platforms, together with Restful API, and Client-Server architecture.
  • AI technologies, such as multi-modal artificial intelligence basing on voice and image processing and recognization, data mining and natural language processing.

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